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Developing Creative Problem Solvers

A monthly problem-solving subscription box for teachers to facilitate with their students

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Employers of the future need creative problem-solvers and critical thinkers

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Educators are looking for support and examples to develop problem-solving skills with their students

Students are engaged by gamified and immersive storytelling experiences

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Students will develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

Teachers will have an ongoing resource to role model the 4C's



Educators will open a new QUEST Box at the start of each month to engage with their class in an immersive storyline, developing students’ critical thinking, creativity, communication, & collaboration skills.


Each QUEST box includes five phases of gameplay:

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1. Map Exploration (Creativity)

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QUEST is a live experience where students will have to piece together clues to be the first to find rewards hidden throughout the map.

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2. Encounter Decisions (Communication)

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While exploring the map, students face challenges leading to tough decisions that shape the future of their QUEST for the year.

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3. Puzzles (Critical Thinking)

As students discover hidden treasure, they will have to decrypt riddles and codes as a team in order to utilize the rewards they find.

4. Trading & Bartering (Collaboration)

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Students cannot solve each QUEST Box without collaborating with other teams in their class to obtain the resources needed to succeed.

5. Debrief (Reflection)

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Each QUEST box comes to an epic conclusion leading into the next episode, and educators are equipped with discussion guidelines from each box to facilitate debriefs with their students. Students can reflect individually, in groups, and as a class on that month’s QUEST and how it related to the educational principal connected to that box.

Season 1 is built around the ISTE Standards for students. Each month’s QUEST box will directly reflect one of the standards and give students a hands-on experience of that standard.

Learn more about each episode of the Cataclysm QUEST

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Our first season is set in a post-apocalyptic world where all adults have suddenly vanished. Students must work together to rebuild society and survive the myriad of challenges that lie ahead in their new world. Teachers role-play as an all-knowing Artificial Intelligence robot to assist their students as they embark on each month's QUEST.

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