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How QUEST Works

See a QUEST summer camp in action!



Immersive Play

Students play QUEST using physical game pieces and a digital experience. They immerse themselves in a fantasy sci-fi world where they are in charge of the future.


Experiential Learning

Students learn and practice critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication as they team up to tackle the game's toughest challenges.


Whole-Learner Growth

Students apply real-world skills that naturally develop during QUEST to their schoolwork, improving learning outcomes while building confidence.

Support, Every Step of the Way

A dedicated member of our QUEST Support Team will guide your district through a full-service implementation, providing support and guidance from the planning stage to program completion.

They ensure daily and weekly communication, addressing challenges and keeping administrators informed with progress reports. At the end of the program, a comprehensive summary of QUEST's impact on student learning will be shared.

What's Included: PLAY, CONNECT

7 Episode Boxes + 1 Teacher Box
  • Contains 200+ physical game items in total

  • Includes a Facilitator Guide and other printed guides/tutorials

  • Includes Team Journals for students

  • Ships as one package

Online Game Portal
  • 40+ animated videos embedded in the game

  • Game Interface for easy facilitation

Online Training and Support
  • 10+ tutorial videos

  • Download the Facilitator Guides

  • Access to QUEST support help desk

QUEST Connect
  • Hands-on SEL activities, guided discussions, and journal prompts

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8-12 hours are recommended to play QUEST
  • 60-90 minutes per episode

  • ​Up to 10 additional hours of content via QUEST Connect, for a total of 18-22 hours of student contact time

What's Included: CREATE

6 Create-Your-Own Episode Boxes & 1 Teacher Box
  • Contains arts and crafts materials

  • Includes colorful Facilitator Guide 

  • Includes colorful 30 Student Notebooks 

    • Each student gets a notebook, and each team uses one of the 6 create-your-own episode boxes.

Online Access to Materials
  • Slideshows for every lesson to support Facilitators and learning

  • 5+ instructional videos to support learning

  • Facilitator Guide and Student Notebook downloadable PDF

Community Showcase Event
  • Planning Guide 

40 hours is recommended for  QUEST Creators
  • QUEST Creators is an additional enrichment experience that adds to the base game of QUEST

  • Content is flexible to fit 20-40 student contact hours 

  • Designed for 60-minute learning segments

  • Cannot extend beyond 40 hours or fit under 20 hours of student contact time

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