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About Us

We're on a Mission

to create an educational ecosystem that develops students' ability to solve problems

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If We Do This Right

School will be a safe place to solve

real-world problems every day

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Our Journey to QUEST

Pro Solve Full Logo.png

Our partnering company, ProSolve, launched as an education thought leader, providing large-scale PD experiences.

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We then launched Escape the Bus to role model what we want education to look like at the districts & conferences we worked with.

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Realizing students needed resources as well to be active stakeholders in shaping education, we launched SLED to empower student impact. 

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While we love hosting live trainings, the price point and travel requirements limit our team from connecting with more schools, so we took the thought leadership from iSchool Initiative, the immersive gameplay components from Escape the Bus, and the focus on student leadership from SLED to create QUEST.

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