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Take your class on a QUEST

Immersive gameplay that develops students' ability to think critically

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Prepare students for the workforce

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Have students practice their creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills as they attempt to solve difficult challenges as a team.

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Develop students social and emotional wellness

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Simulate real-world problems, giving students opportunities to improve their ability to work in teams, make tough decisions, and become more self-aware.

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Increase engagement in the classroom

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Incorporate gaming concepts in order to spark student interest in school, ignite a passion for learning, and empower Student Voice.


QUEST is a classroom subscription that uses gaming concepts familiar to students while developing their ability to think critically and solve problems. 


Each year, a new season of QUEST is launched, immersing students in a new storyline. Each season of QUEST contains seven Episodes designed to be played over the course of the class semester.

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Components of QUEST

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A digital game interface and narrative videos combine with physical game tokens, cards, and flags to provide an unforgettable game-based learning experience.

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Season 1 is built around the ISTE Standards for students. Each month’s QUEST box will directly reflect one of the standards and give students a hands-on experience of that standard.

Learn more about each episode of the Cataclysm QUEST
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Our first season is set in a post-apocalyptic world where all adults have suddenly vanished. Students must work together to rebuild society and survive the myriad of challenges that lie ahead in their new world. Teachers role-play as an all-knowing Artificial Intelligence robot to assist their students as they embark on each month's QUEST.

QUEST boxes ISTE Standards

Bring QUEST to Your Class

If you have any questions, we would love to connect!

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