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QUEST Creators

Entry Level: Grades K-2

Facilitator Guide

Use one PDF per student

Student Workbook

Unit 1: Who I Am

Unit 1 Slide Deck

Unit 2: Who We Are Together

Unit 2 Slide Deck

Character 1 Video

Character 1 Image

Character 2 Image

SAM/Ditto Video

Unit 3: Where We Are

Unit 3 Slide Deck

Setting 1 Video

Setting 1 Image

Unit 4: What We Create

Unit 4 Slide Deck

Story Image 1

Story Image 2

Drawing a Character Tutorial

Unit 5: How We Communicate

Unit 5 Slide Deck

Unit 6: How We Present

Unit 6 Slide Deck

Drawing a Character Tutorial

Coloring Techniques Tutorial

Additional Activities

Butterfly Perspective Tutorial


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