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Secondary Level: Grades 6+

Secondary students will collaborate in teams to create an original side quest episode with characters, a setting, a storyline, a map, an encounter and a challenge.


All the physical materials you will need are provided in the Quest Creators Team Episode Boxes and Teacher Box.


Facilitator Guide

Use one PDF per student group

Creators' Workbook

Special Pacing Guide


Unit 1: Who We Are as Creators

Unit 1 Slide Deck

Drawing a Character Tutorial

Unit 2: Creating Characters & Settings

Unit 2 Slide Deck

Character 1 Image

Setting 1 Image

Character 1 Video

What Makes a Good Character?

Drawing a Manga Character

Setting 1 Video

What Makes a Good Setting?

Drawing a Place Video

How to Generate Creative Ideas

Unit 3: Crafting Storylines & Encounters

Unit 3 Slide Deck

Story Video

What Makes a Good Storyline?

How to Generate Creative Ideas

Creating a Cohesive Side Quest

Unit 4: Worldbuilding

Unit 4 Slide Deck

Designing a Map Tutorial

Basic Coloring Techniques

Unit 5: Designing Challenges

Unit 5 Slide Deck

Unit 6: Presenting an Episode

Unit 6 Slide Deck

Creating a Cohesive Side Quest

How to Prepare to Present

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