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What is QUEST Connect?

QUEST Connect is a set of hands-on activities and guided discussions, designed to support the development of the soft skills and the gameplay strategy that learners are developing and applying in their QUEST gameplay.

Your QUEST Connect Facilitator Guide contains 18 hours of content divided into six modules. Each module focuses on specific social-emotional learning (SEL) skills such as decision-making, effective communication, perseverance, etc. It also includes 3-4 teambuilding activities paired with whole group discussion and reflection at the beginning and end of the module. Each module was designed to support the phases of QUEST gameplay and foster essential skills to support learners in this immersive experience.












You can choose the order of modules and activities based on your student's needs and areas of challenge. Think of QUEST connect as a menu of content, you can select modules or certain activities within a module. As a responsive approach to student needs, you do not need to feel like the program must be implemented in chronological order. However, if you think learners could use support in all areas, we recommend working through the guide chronologically and selecting one or two activities from each module. Grade band recommendations (entry, access, secondary) are indicated next to each activity.

The “Brain Breaks” at the back of the Facilitator Guide are a collection of quick, often physical, activities that emphasize connection and fun. Each Brain Break activity can be completed in 5-15 minutes (depending on your number of students) and can be inserted intentionally anytime your learners need to get on their feet and incorporate some movement into class time.

QUEST Connect is aligned with the CASEL Framework for SEL and builds on the core competencies your students need to thrive personally and academically. Pairing it with QUEST gameplay gives your students the unique opportunity to learn about and reflect on these skills while applying them in real time in an immersive environment. 

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Interested in Going on a QUEST?

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