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Play. Connect. Create.

Immersive gameplay that develops students' ability to think critically

What is QUEST?

Watch a quick overview to find out!

K-8th grade
15-30 students
15-65 hours

Whole Learner Approach

By teaching social-emotional skills and emphasizing the Four Cs (Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication), QUEST offers a comprehensive approach that promotes whole-learner development and facilitates the transfer of these skills to various academic areas within the school environment.

90% of students reported that collaboration & communication with peers is useful.


73% of students reported a sense of curiosity, and sustained focus when playing QUEST.


80% of students were in attendance during their summer programs thanks to QUEST


80% of students believe they increased their ability to solve problems by playing QUEST.


Flexible for Every Campus

With accessible resources and adaptable implementation plans, QUEST can be your 15 hour summer camp ... or your 65 hour after school program. A dedicated QUEST Support Team will guide your district through a full-service implementation, providing support and guidance from the planning stage to program completion.

Engaging and Fun

Bring a fun and culturally relevant experience to students' learning journey! Designed with student motivation at its core, QUEST combines engaging gameplay, immersive storytelling, and interactive challenges to captivate students' imagination. QUEST makes learning an adventure that students can enjoy and thrive on.

"My students love QUEST and find it very engaging. They think it is very fun and interactive. One student said, "We don't want to stop playing! Can't we play more?"

"Last year, I saw one of my students drastically and rapidly improve his self-regulation and communication skills. Other skills I saw an improvement in with that student and other students in my classroom were collaboration, SEL, and critical thinking. I am hopeful that I will observe the same with my class this year."

"We have one student that is very shy and scared at school. He not only did an amazing job at QUEST leading his team this week, but he came to me and said that he loves leading and how everyone listens to his ideas...he used the word leading! I love all that QUEST is bringing to our K-5 kids."

"…the kids have been LOVING it!  I even have one student who used to give us so many issues about other activities, saying they’re boring and why this and why that, that same student is asking to play!!! Thank you for everything! "

"My students love when it's QUEST Day! The level of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity are elevated when we play QUEST. Students are so invested in the game and it becomes the center of conversation amongst students at recess and lunch!"

"My students LOVE Quest. They are begging me to play! With only 7 episodes, I am trying to stretch it out as long as I can. The days that we do play are pretty special. My students are engaged. I love to hear the chatter while they are deciding on an encounter outcome, and how they come together to complete the challenges in the allotted time. QUEST is so fun for my 6th graders!"

A Unique Approach

With a captivating storyline, diverse characters, and customizable implementation plans, QUEST is a truly unique learning experience. Our program seamlessly integrates social-emotional learning with the Four Cs, nurturing the whole learner and fostering essential 21st-century skills.

Bring QUEST to Your District

If you have any questions, we would love to connect!

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